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Bronze Home theatre Package

Quality Home theatre package for those who want a great quality home theatre that is easy on the pocket.


Cambridge Azur 551R

Azur 7.1 Slimline AM/FM AV Receiver
Oversized 1,050 watt Toroidal Transformer
7 x 80 watts all channels driven, 110w Stereo
Faroudja video scaler with bypass option
Cirrus Logic 32-Bit DSPs & 24-Bit DACs

Cambridge Azur 651BD

3D Blu-ray/Universal Disc Player
Marvell QDEO video processor
2 USB & 1 eSATA inputs, twin HDMI outs
Cirrus Logic 8 channel multi-DAC
24-bit/192kHz DACs for superior audio

Minx S315 Speaker Package

Minx 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Pack
5 x Min10 Satellites & 1 x X300 Subwoofer

Epson Projector

Full HD 1080P, 3D enabled Home Theatre Projector.
Screen 118", HDTV 16/9 Fixed Projector Screen